Game of Thrones Territory

Northern Ireland is the home of Game Of Thrones. It’s where production for the series and much of the filming takes place.

For the shows fifth season, we orchestrated a series of stunts that allowed fans to witness the fantasy world of Westeros bleeding into the real world of Northern Ireland. The stunts themselves happened in the real world, but the campaign’s true home was online as fans on the ground spread the word across social media.

By blurring the lines between digital marketing and valuable content, we turned the show’s legions of fans into fans of Northern Ireland.

The Way To GOT Territory

We grounded the stunning scenery of Westeros in reality by planting signposts that pointed the way to key filming locations.

Pointy Objects

Anyone passing through Belfast City Airport with a sword was required to leave it at security, along with razors & liquids over 100ml.

Dragon Eggs

We put the most valuable commodity in the Seven Kingdoms on sale at a farmers market.

Signs Of Giants

Giants haven’t been seen for centuries in Westeros. But they were spotted in Northern Ireland heading towards the Causeway.

Flocking To Belfast

Fans and bird watchers alike were excited to discover animatronic three-eyed ravens had migrated to Belfast City Hall.

White Walker Marks

Northern Ireland saw a big freeze in June when White Walkers prowling the streets of Belfast left chaos in their wake.


When Belfast Zoo unveiled a critically endangered dragon, they had to reassure the locals it wouldn’t burn the entire city to ashes.

The results